Main Services

Infrastructure & InstalltaionConsultancy
Before you can start using your software and start your project, the software need to be installed. Our expert consultants assist you during this process, making sure that all requirements are met and will install the software with you and deliver an installation report.
Software Implementation Consultancy
When the software is install we can assist you with the implementation. As subject matter experts we support our customers in different roles varying from quality assurance to actually configuring the software. Within the project we cover the topics of architecture and design, data modeling, data integrations, data governance, security, scripting, performance optimizations, data driven reporting, integrated reporting, regulatory reporting (Solvnecy II, FinRep, CoRep), business intelligence, analytics and training.
Support & Adminstration Services
The project is finished and the application is live. We help you to maintain your application. We provide support for the technical infrastructure, patches and updates as well as functional administration activities. We support our clients based on their needs, this can be on a regular basis, for example via an SLA (Service Level Agreement), or on a more ad-hoc basis, via consultancy.